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Focus on your core business through minimizing the inconvenience in terms of web service optimization and safety management for equipments and products

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Business Area of WineSOFT

WineSOFT operates two business fields: IT software and fire safety equipment. We aim for automation and non-human management. Plus, our basic philosophy is to make our clients' business to be more successful with minimal cost of investment in operating services

Software Business

IT Software Field

Solutions regarding web service optimization and modernization

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Fire Equipment Field

AEGIS fire prevention equipments based on micro-capsules.

Fire extinguishing material inside of micro-capsules is sprayed on fire when it reaches a specific level of temperature. Consisting of independent automatic system with no electrical components needed, each micro-capsule proactively suppresses the fire in the early stage, effectively reducing fire damage measures




Guarantees electrical insulation.



Proactive fire extinguishing without the necessity of electricity

Protects fire blind spots without direct human contacts.

Can be installed in small areas of possible ignition.

Prevents spreading out of big fires via suppressing fire at early stage.

When reaching of 120 degrees, the extinguishing material in micro-capsules is released explosively.

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Various product lineups

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